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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.

Rafting on the Dniester: Five-day to Khotyn

Rafting on Dniester will certainly charm you with beautiful brooks-waterfalls, multitude of geological monuments that look like rocky brow of woody slopes of the Dniester Canyon. During Dniester rafting on catamarans and rafts you visit Balamutavska cave and several grottoes. The most vivid highlight of the tour is Khotyn fortress. In addition you will have a possibility to observe the ancient beauty of architecture and history in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Dniester Сanyon

duration: 5 days
price: 125 USD

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Rafting on the Dniester: In the land of fortresses and waterfalls

A three-day rafting on the Dniester River is usually planned for holidays to use in the best way extended weekend. This tour in addition to rafting includes visiting ruins of the fortress in Rakivets, velvet waterfalls and giant of the plain, the amazing Dzhuryn (Chervonohrad) Waterfall. Bonus of the three-day rafting is a trip to the Hermit's Cave and sightseeing in Chortkiv.

rafting and catamaraning on the river Dniester

   duration: 3 days 
 price: 92 USD

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Rafting on the Dniester: Week on the river

A 7-day rafting on the Dniester is a real relaxation tour where everything is full of calmness and beauty: silver streams of waterfalls, travertine grottoes, relict forests, majestic walls of the Dniester Canyon and solitude ruins of castles and fortresses. For such a long-term rafting-tour on the Dniester you can have a full complex of swimming and sun-bathing, and multitude of opportunities to catch a gold fish and return to civilization with restored life energy.

rafting and catamaraning in Ukraine

  duration: 7 days
 price: 155 USD

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One-day catamaraning on the Dniester River


One of most popular attractions in Ukraine as a recreational area is a wide and sluggish river of Dniester. It starts from the Carpathians‘ slopes and carries its waters along thousands of kilometers down to the Black Sea, transforming from a tiny creek into a powerful waterway. What’s the most beautiful on the Dniester that its high banks which sometimes go together and form a picturesque Dniester canyon (100-150 m high). On this territory still can be found impenetrable forests with a rich system of animals and birds, and lots of endangered plant species could be seen on its spacious water meadows.

Catamaraning on the Dniester will inspire you with unforgettable impressions from wild nature, fresh air, deserted spaces and birds’ singing. Among specialties of Dniester tour are swimming in the river and sun bathing straightly on the catamaran. This trip naturally combines relaxation and moderate physical activity. It can be interesting for both adults and children, for everyone who likes outdoor recreation.

duration: 1 day 
price: 26 USD

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Rafting on the Dniester: Five-day fairytale

A 5-day rafting on the calmly flowing waters of the Dniester river will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to raw on inflatable catamarans, swim, take a sun bath and replenish energy reserves among picturesque banks of the Dniester. For 5 days you’ll forget about bustle of the cities and plunge into a wild nature. You’ll see interesting places; discover fascinating legends and secrets of ancient Ukrainian castles, caves and churches. 

rafting along the Dniester Canyaon

duration: 5 days
price: 123 USD

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