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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.

Rafting-camp "Tourclub": services and rates

You’ve come to Ukraine on your vacations and want to try whitewater rafting but have no time for a multi-day rafting tour?

There is a way out. Come for one day in the Carpathians where our rafting-camp “Tourclub” is located and take part in a 1- or 2-hour rafting tour on the Black Cheremosh River.

Rafting-camp (Dzembronya village, Verkhovynsky rayon, Ivano-Frankivska oblast) is open for the travelers every week from Friday to Monday inclusive.

Starting place of every rafting route is a rafting-camp. After a short or long tour we will return you by bus to the camp where you could change your clothes, record on some digital media photos (or give us your e-mail address) and continue discovering Ukraine.

duration: 1 day
price: 28 USD

Advantages of an hour or two-long rafting tour in the Black Cheremosh River:

  • it takes one day at most;
  • do not demand experience or special training;
  • combines safety and wildness of turbulent rapids (experient guides, detailed safety briefing, reliable equipment).

We offer two types of brief rafting tours: 1-hour and 2-hour.

  route length duration price
Monday-Friday  Dzembronya - Krasnyk  13 km  1,5-2 hours  350 hrn
 Weekends  Dzembronya - Krasnyk  13 km  1,5-2 hours  380 hrn

The tour price includes:

  • water tour itself;
  • life vest and helmet rentals;
  • transportation after rafting or kayaking to our rafting-camp.

Approximate timing of participation in a 1-day rafting tour on the Black Cheremosh

  1. Transportation to the rafting-camp “Tourclub”. The best way is to use your own car. Distance from Yaremche to our rafting-camp is 80 km, from Vorokhta – 50 km, from ski resort “Bukovel” – 80 km.
  2. Selecting of equipment (wetsuit, neoprene socks, helmet, life vest), changing (30 min).
  3. Detailed instruction of how to behave on the boat (15 min).
  4. Rafting (katamaraning, kayaking) itself (short – 1,5– 2 hours).
  5. Returning by bus to the rafting-camp (30 min).
  6. Changing clothes, buying souvenirs, storing rafting photos/videos on memory devices.

Rafting gear you can rent on spot (in rafting-camp).
If you have several days on hands our multiday tours could be interesting for you.

What clothes and equipment is necessary for rafting on the Black Cheremosh River?

It would be rational to separate spring rafting from summer.

In spring

In spring time when streams of mountain rivers fill with melted snow and atmosphere temperature is quite moderate one couldn’t go without wetsuit and neoprene socks.

Variants of rafting sets:

  1. Wetsuit, T-shirt (under the wetsuit), windbreaker or rubber jacket (the top of our wetsuits are sleeveless, therefore windbreaker or rubber jacket will protect your arms). On feet you should wear some thin socks, then neoprene socks and trainers or gumshoes (please, take into account that neoprene is 5-mm thick, hence your shoes should be a little bit bigger than your size). Also you need neoprene gloves to protect your hands from cold spring water. Wetsuits and neoprene socks can be rented.
  2. Rubber costume (jacket + trousers) instead of wetsuit + all the same.

In summer

In summer under conditions of warm or hot weather all mentioned garment (spring) is needless. Wetsuits and gummer costumes are too sultry in summer. It is comfortable to participate in rafting tour wearing swimming suit or shorts and a T-shirt. In cold or rainy weather you can use information from Spring rafting set.

  1. Attention! It is necessary to have clothes for change (especially, if you participate in rafting without a wetsuit), since all your wear becomes wet. The same will happen with your shoes: while mooring and putting off the bank you must do several steps in water. So shoes will be wet (do not forget about change).
  2. One of compulsory elements of Black Cheremosh rafting tour are life vest and helmet (rental is included in tour price).
  3. To feel more confident and be ready for possible weather whims, please, check weather forecasts in the Carpathians.

What vessels do we use?

On the Black Cheremosh you can try at least two types of vessels, viz rafts (6-8-seat) and inflatable catamarans (6-8-seats). The captain (our instructor) takes place in the aft where control the vessel. After the tour you return to the rafting-camp by bus (also included into tour price).

If you’re an experienced traveler, maybe, you’ll gain an opportunity to try an inflatable double-kayak. Such an option can be available in not very high water. After an 1-hour training and favorable conclusion of our instructor you could enjoy 1- or 2-hour tour on Black Cheremosh rapids.

Prices for double-kayaking tours can be found in table below.

type of the tour route length duration price
training on the rapid Training on Dzembronya rapid, instructions on paddling technique    1 hour  300 hrn
short Dzembronya - Krasnyk: tour on the main rapids of the Black Cheremosh  10 km  1 hour  350 hrn
long Dzembronya -Verkhovyna 20 km 2 hours 500 hrn

When can you arrive and how to book?

Rafting-camp “Tourclub” functions from April, 26 till September, 15. Our guides will be in the camp every week in the period from Friday through Monday. However it is highly recommended to make a call before coming ( +38 096 212 40 71) and find out about free hours. Our manager will offer you convenient time, emphasize on most important items and explain how to get to our rafting-camp.

April, 26 – May, 13 – a period of days off when every year in the rafting-camp is full house. Therefore, if you’re willing to get there exactly in defined time, we advise to apply for the tour beforehand.

If you are planning to take part in one 1- or 2-hour tour on the Cheremosh and your group consists of 8 or more persons it is demanded a 30% downpayment.

How can you get to a rafting-camp “Tourclub”?

As it was already mentioned our rafting-camp is located in Nyzhnya (Down) Dzembronya Village (Verkhovynsky rayon, Ivano-Frankivska oblast).

If you’re moving from Yaremche you should head for Rakhiv, in Tatariv take left turn and follow Vorokhta and Verkhovyna (Kosiv) direction. You drive through Vorokhta and Kryvopilsky mountain pass. In the village of Iltsi (5 km before Verkhovyna) turn right near a wooden road sign (Dzembronya, Burkut direction). Then be ready to overcome 9 km of a broken-stone road. In the village of Nyzhnya Dzembronya, 500 m after the road sign “Dzembronya”, opposite to a wooden bridge cross the Black Cheremosh on the right hand from the road you’ll see our rafting-camp.