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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.

White water rafting: Seminar of water tourism

Seminar of water tourism takes place on the Black Cheremosh river at the rafting camp Tourclub Ternopil in the form of training at various locations during the rafrting. In addition, every evening the thematic lectures will be held. On the penultimate day there will be short competition in entering racing gates and a speed rowing in double canoes. Rafting on the Prut river will be on the fourth day to strengthen received skills. The size of the training group is up to 15 participants, which will be trained by 3 instructors. After completing the course the participants will receive a certificate of participation in the seminar on water tourism.

In case of successful passing of the seminar, the participants will be able to manage canoe on the rivers complexity 2Be qualified sailors on a catamaran and raft and try to manage them on rivers 2-3 categories of complexitycalmly and confidently feel in water campaigns 2-3 categories of complexity in the role of participants Participate in alloys of the 4 categories of complexity as part of a strong team.

White water rafting: Extreme Carpathian rodeo

The three-day extreme programme in the Carpathians is a chance to join to the autdoor activities and new experiences. In addition to clean air and the contemplation of the Carpathian landscapes is wild rafting on the Black Cheremosh river through numerous rapids with 2-4 categories of difficulty; trekking to the one of highest peak of the Chornohora range - Pip Ivan Mount (2028 m) with a great opportunity to visit the abandoned observatory White Elephant and acquaintance with the local culture. A rich active day program, adventure and positive mood, new people, evenings near the fire, delicious food - all this will create an unforgettable trip to the Carpathians.

duration: 3 days
price: 86 USD

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Rafting-camp "Tourclub": services and rates

You’ve come to Ukraine on your vacations and want to try whitewater rafting but have no time for a multi-day rafting tour?

There is a way out. Come for one day in the Carpathians where our rafting-camp “Tourclub” is located and take part in a 1- or 2-hour rafting tour on the Black Cheremosh River.

Rafting-camp (Dzembronya village, Verkhovynsky rayon, Ivano-Frankivska oblast) is open for the travelers every week from Friday to Monday inclusive.

Starting place of every rafting route is a rafting-camp. After a short or long tour we will return you by bus to the camp where you could change your clothes, record on some digital media photos (or give us your e-mail address) and continue discovering Ukraine.

duration: 1 day
price: 28 USD

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One-day White Water Rafting on the Black Cheremosh River

The Ukrainian Carpathians charm you with picturesque mountain views, high spruces, and colorful wooden churches and rapid mountain rivers.

Carpathian rivers are turbulent and fast with foam and roar rushing through cracks and giant stones, violently hitting the opposite banks and scattering into millions of splatters. In the places there the valley becoming wider mountain river transforms into a transparent stream of cool water which advantages are so appreciated in hot summer days.

Welcome for white water rafting on the Black Cheremosh River.

Cheremosh is a mountain river with rapids of 2-3d difficulty categories. Depending on the water level we use 6-8 place rafts in high water or inflatable double kayaks in lower. To pass the rapids special training is required; therefore, experienced guides carry on function of captains. All participants are provided with helmets, safety vests and wetsuits. Bright impressions and burst of adrenaline is guaranteed!

duration: 1 day 
price: 28 USD

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White water rafting: 4 days on the Black Cheremosh

We offer incredible 4 days in the Carpathians on wild streams of the Black Cheremosh, a typical mountain river with turbulent rapids and riffles. White water rafting in marvelous decorations of Carpathian landscapes guarantees bright photo and unforgettable impressions from close meeting with authentic hutsul culture: you will have an opportunity to visit local culture museums and ascend some picturesque peaks of the Carpathians.

white water rafting in Ukraine

duration: 4 days
price: 108 USD

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