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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.


Tourclub offers wild cave tours in Mlynky and Uhryn caves. Caving routes in wild caves are not electrified, that’s why we use head flashlights and it is often quite difficult to move in there. Caves themselves dictate the way of moving: sometimes standing, sometimes as seal crawles or almost hanging. But everyone will have an opportunity to adjust to a cave, even a beginner: the first tour to cave is of a trial form and the easiest one, every following tour is gradually getting more complicated. Aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of cave formations and its residents (stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and bats) and the pleasant fatigue after three 3-hour tours are guaranteed.

Verteba, Mlynky and Krystalichna Caves Tour

Western Ukraine is famous by large amount of gypsum caves. Here, within Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsly districts, can be found enormous gypsum layer spaces of karst origin which hide over 15 caves. Among these caves are horizontal and of labyrinth type, several hundred meters in length and two hundred kilometers, 30-50 meters in depth.

The caves are interesting by its structure: some of them form high galleries and narrow passages, and far in depth they can astonish you with gigantic halls over 10 meters in height. Cave walls are formed of compressed gypsum, and often, as in Crystal cave, they transformed into chimerical decorations (recall beautiful feathers and petals), and in Verteba cave – large circle ornaments.

It’s impossible to pass by unique cave crystals from several mm to 10s of cm, color shift from snow-white and yellow-cream to rust-colored and black.

Crystal cave accumulates a lot of crystals, name of which origins from great amount of them. Some caves served as shelters for ancient people. For instant, Verteba cave is interesting by its archeological findings of Trypillya ceramics (jars for wine and cereals, plates, vases, amphorae, religious symbols and attributes). On the basis of those findings was proved the fact that during several centuries few generations of Trypilians lived in that cave.

duration: 2 days
price: 73 USD

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One-day Tour to Mlynky Cave

Mlynky is one of many other caves in Western Ukraine. Mainly, it is interesting because of possibility to participate in a sport cave tour, which can be as effective as training in a fitness centre.

3-hour tour makes all groups of your muscles work: moving on your knees, hustling through narrow passages, chinning up, descending with your head down, and passing stone blocks. The strongest could try themselves in a thrust, a vertical crack without a bottom, to pass which one should use his/her back, feet and hands as support areas. You are going to discover lots of new about your body.

And do not forget that you’re in a beautiful place. You’re surrounded by sparkling gypsum walls which sometimes remind waves or a layer cake. Actually, every corner hides various crystals: yellow and tiny, white and large, orange and red-brown. Sometimes you can face “plafonds”, huge one-piece crystal as if they were built-in in the middle of a wall; in the light of head flashlights they are like an enormous candy glass. Underground everything seems weird and your imagination will have a lot of food for creating fantastic and almost real visions (crocodile, star, devil’s throat, giant snail).  Such kind of tours is considered as an effective therapy which helps to get rid of stress and tension. Bright impressions for your soul as well as for your body (several bruises as souvenirs from a cave you will surely get).

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Three caves tour: Mlynky, Uhryn, Verteba

Offered 3-day tour includes three caves: Mlynky, Uhryn and Verteba, each of which possesses its peculiarities. Mlynky Cave will impress you by intricate passages and thrusts, beauty of crystals and variety of cave formations. Uhryn Cave is much more extreme: those who are afraid to become dirty shouldn’t try to conquer it. Verteba Cave is the most “high-browed” cave; it’s cave and museum simultaneously with electrified route along which you can freely go vertically what cannot be possible in Mlynky or Uhyn caves.

duration: 3 days
price: 75 USD

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Speleohouse: available services and rates

Speleohouse is a cozy building located in Zalissya village (Ternopil oblast, Chortkiv rayon) where you can stay for a night, change the clothes, eat or prepare a meal. Speleohouse consists of two rooms: for 12 and 16 persons. Each room has separate kitchen with all necessary kitchenware.  More precise information about Speleohouse accommodation is here.

duration: 5 days
price: 107 USD

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Mlynky cave tour: Wild weekend

Weekend is at hand and no plans – come to Mlynky. For two days of wild cave tour you will pass a course of beginner-speleologist and challenge yourself underground where the only source of light is your head flashlight and the only chance to reach the surface is to strictly follow your guide’s instructions and go ahead. Cave beauty of stalactites, stalagmites and crystals won’t leave you untouched, and such architectural ensembles as underground
cannot be seen in any of world capitals.
Mlynky Cave is available for travelers without wild cave tour experience.

wild caves in Ukraine

duration: 2 days
price: 40 USD

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