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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.

Incomparable Ukraine: 30 unbelievable facts about Ukraine, that nobody knows.

In spite of that everyone from all sides trying to prove to Ukrainians, that they are incompetent in all, that the best way for them – “to get out from this county as faster as they can”, that there is nothing in Ukraine to look at, and world doesn’t care a curse about us, the statistic numbers and facts tell us totally opposite things.

It is a biggest country in a Europe. It is a country, that takes 0,41 % of worlds territory of the land, in which there is 0,85 % of the planets population and which brings 0,20 % of the world GNP. It is the country, where the quarter of all reserves of chernozemic soil of the Earth is centralized. It is the country, which belongs to the three biggest suppliers of the barley, it is one of the most powerful barley producer and together with France, Germany and USA, it is one of the biggest sugar beet producer. Our country belongs to the most powerful producers of vegetable oil, porks, sugar and potatoes. Hundreds of famous Ukrainians were still are the creators of worlds history. The painters and scientists, politics and compositors, actors and writers – they all give us the opportunity to say with a pride: “I am Ukrainian!”, here or abroad. 

The first in the world

Ukrainians, in particular the Design Development of Antonov, made a plane with a biggest tonnage in the world – An-222 “Dream”. At first it was planned for transporting of the spaceships. At present “Dream” does commercial freight transportation.

The author of first constitution in the world is a Ukrainian politic and social activist Pylyp Orlyk. On the 5th of April 1710 he was chosen as hetman of Zaporizhia army. At the same day Pylyp Orlyk proclaimed the Constitution of rights and freedoms of the Zaporizhya army. The Constitution in USA was proclaimed in 1787, in France and Poland – only in 1791.

The first frame hive was invented in Ukraine in 1814 by Petro Prokopovych. During last years Ukraine surely takes a place in the three worlds leaders in honey producing. Ukraine leaves behind European countries in honey producing and, at the same time, is the first in the world in honey producing per a head (1,5 kg).

There are a biggest reserves of manganese ore in Ukraine – 2,3 billion tones, or about 11 % of all world reserves.

The biggest friaries are called Lavra. The status of Lavra have only six monasteries in a world. Three of them are in Ukraine. It is Holy Dormition Kiev Pechersk Lavra, that got this status since 1598, Holy Assumption Lavra in Pochaiv and and Svyatogirska Holy Dormition Lavra in Donetsk region.

The eldest educational establishment of East Europe is Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (1615).

The first gas lamp was invented in Lviv by workers of the chemist shop “Under golden star” - Ignatiy Lukasevych and Yan Zekh in 1853. In the same year in  Lviv hospital the first surgical operation was made with a lighting of gas lamp. Soon gas lamp was presented in an international exhibition in Munich, the invention was noticed by special charter.

The monuments to the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko are set in 1200 places all over the world.

The metro station “Arsenalna” in Kyiv is a deepest in the world. It goes under ground in the deep 105 m. The station near the parliament was built in 1960 as one of the first. According to some information, there are secret hiding places in a tunnels near “Arsenalna” for political leadership.

The Ukrainian wind instrument trembita is a longest wind instrument in the world.

The longest trolley-bus route in the world has 86 km, and it goes in Crimea between Simferopol and Yalta.

The shortest main street among all capitals in a world, and in the same time one of the widest and most beautiful is Khreschatyk street in Kyiv. It’s length is 1225 m.

The oldest map known to scientists, and also the eldest settle of Homo Sapiens are found in Ukraine: in Mezhyrichya village of Rivne region. It is about 14,5-15 thousand years old. The map is stamped on the mammoth bone.

Ukrainian “Pivdenmash” (Dnipropetrovsk) makes the biggest ecological launch vehicles in a world. With their help the commercial freight are sent in a space within a framework of the international project “Sea start”.

The uniquely facts in Ukraine

The first higher educational establishment in Ukraine was an Ostrog Academy, established in Ostrog by knyaz Konstantin Ostrozkyy in 1576. Then it was the only higher educational establishments in east-slavic world.


The longest cavern in Ukraine is called “Optymistic” and is situated in Podillya. It is a gypsum cave in the deep 20 meters with an extension 216 km. The longest cavern in the word and second in general for extension, it gives up only before Mammoth cave in USA.

In Rakhiv, Ukraine, there is a geographic centre of Europe, surrounded by picturesque Carpathians.

The oldest tree in Ukraine is 1300-years old oak in the natural boundary Juzefin in the Rivne region.

Ukrainians have made the biggest goblet in a world for champagne with a volume in 56,25 liters. How to drink the champagne from this goblet isn’t clear yet, but it is one more official world Guinness record from Ukrainians.

The third most visited Macdonalds in a world in situated in a Kyiv near the railway station.

This establishment constantly is included to the five most active Macdonalds in a world.

There was one of the biggest historical transport ways ran through the territory of Ukraine – “the way from Varyags to Greeks”  – the system of river ways and portages between them with a length of 3 thousand km, that connected north lands of Ancient Rus with a south Rus lands and Baltic sea with Black sea. During all ancient history Ukraine-Rus was a bridge between worlds of Eastern Europe and Ancient East, Antic Europe, Byzantine Europe and Latin Europe.

Ukraine takes fourth place in the world for number of people with a high education. The population of Ukraine belongs to the most educated, and number of people with a high education per head is higher than average European level.

Interesting stories/persons

Pablo Picasso was delighted by works of Ukrainian paintress Kateryna Bilokur (1900-1961). When in 1954 he saw her works at exhibition, then he said, that they are genial and compare Kateryna Bilokur with a famous in all world paintress Serafin Luis.

One of the most famous Christmas songs in the world is “Shchedryk”, it is a national song, recorded by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych. World knows it as Carol of the Bells or Ring Christmas Bells. There are different performances on Youtube, that gaining millions of watches.

During Anglo-Boer war (South Africa) in 1899-1902 the leader of the one of Boer’s units, Ukrainian Yuri Budyak, saved from shooting one young English journalist. Then that man helped Yuri to enter to the Oxford University. In 1917 Yuri worked in the government of Ukrainian People’s Republic. In 1943 Yuri Budyak died in the Soviet concentration camp. The name of English journalist was Winston Churchill.

At the moment of Independence declaration there were 19,4 million pigs in Ukraine. Today their number is lesser in a half – 8,3 million. In spite of reputation of bacon eater, the average Ukrainian eats only 18 kg of pigs in a year. It is in three times lesser than usual German.

In Ukraine near Nikopol, on the sand-bank near Lapinka river, on the one of distributary of Dnipro you can see, and rather hear the occurrence that very rarely happens in a world, - a singing sands. “Singing” of these, perhaps, the strangest sands is heard after rain, when the higher layer sticks together and makes a fragile crust. Stepping on it, you can hear the sounds, similar to the air whistle, released from automobile inner tube.

In the Berdychiv (Zhytomyr region) in the St. Barbara church on the 14th of March 1850 the local beauty Evelina Hanska was married with Onore de Balzak. In the same town Frederick Chopin lived for a long time, who besides of music writing also managed the works of restoration of local organ. 


OLESHKIV DESERT. One of the biggest deserts in Europe is situated precisely in Ukraine.

Oleshkiv sands consist with boundless barchans (local citizens call them “kuchugury”) with a height about 5 m with a rare vegetation. These sands are situated in Tsurupinsk region (old name of Tsurupinsk is Oleshky), in 30 km to the east from Kherson.  Dniprovsk sands exist from long since, but Oleshkiv desert in its present look appeared short time ago: because of grazing of huge sheep flocks in XIX century, which destroyed a grass, the sands were released, and wind erosion gave them an opportunity to extend.

Oleshkiv sands can be rather considered as semi-desert for its temperature regime and number of precipitation. In the summer sands heat up to 70 degrees.  Sometimes the sandstorms happen here.

In a desert in the deep 300-400 meters there is an underground lake with a very tasty water. But scientists explored that you cannot extract water from this place, because the water level then will drop, and woods, which are planted around desert, couldn’t restrain the sands. It is about 7 km to the nearest community.

Earlier the military firing range was in the Oleshkiv sands, where pilots from countries of Warsaw pact trained the bombing. Thereby the scientific research of region was restricted. And now there are a lot of bomb, that didn’t explode, in the sends.

MUSIC OF THE SOUL. Ukrainian national songs induced many composers for the writing of world music masterpieces. The composition Summertime –aria, wrote by George Gershwin in 1935 for the opera “Porgi and Bess’’, one of the famous in the world –is based on Ukrainian lullaby “Ой, ходить сон коло вікон’’. That composition Gershwin heard in New York in performance of Ukrainian National Choir led by Oleksandr Koshyts. He heard it and wrote one of the most genial and famous jazz creations. From the moment of composition was written many performers performed it, but the most famous one is Summertime performed by Lui Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and also Charley Parker. 

COOLEST UKRAINIAN. The Ukrainian powerlifter Dmytro Khaladzhi was recorded to the Guinness world records as author of more than two tens of records.

2005 – double record-holder of the Guinness world records: 1 – “Bibon’s stone” (he lifted the stone of the weight 152 kg by little finger of one arm);  2 – “Devil’s smithy” (lying on the nails, put up 3 concrete blocks with a weight 700 kg, that were broken by sledgehammers).

2005 – record-holder of the Russian book of records (lifting of two weights 122 kg by left hand; nailing by bare hand in the board with a thickness 4 cm against the clock – 15 nails for a minute).

2006 – record-holder of the Ukrainian and Russian Book of records (“Cross”: holding weights 64 kg each in the straight hands during 4 seconds – so called ‘’Piddubny test”).

2006 – set 7 world records in World weight marathon in Minsk (“Hokenshmith cross” – 7 times moved the little fingers with weights 32 kg each; “Hokenshmith cross – 1 time moved the little fingers with weights 48 kg each; right hand press of two weights with total weight 92 kg, 8 repeats; two hands press of four weights of total weight 112 kg, 15 repeats; lift up of the weight 110 kg by one hand and press by another – 48 kg; juggling of 80 kg weight for 5 throws; pushing of the man weighing 110 kg on the only right hand little finger for 20 repeats).

2006 – 3 records for the Ukrainian Book of records: 1) bending of reinforcement bar by teeth with a diameter 23 mm and 120 cm of length; 2) nailing of 5 nails by bare hand in a plate with a diameter 4 cm through the list of badge 0,7 mm; 3) pushing of two people of total weight 147 kg, 3 repeats.

2007 – record of Ukrainian Book of records – lifted the tube of 860 kg, and after 10 minutes – one more, 1022 kg. Thus he bet the 300 years record of the British Tommy Tofyan, which lifted 3 barrels with water of total weight 800 kg.

ROSE IN A HAIR. The one hair drilled along and polished to transparency. Inside of hair the handmade branch of rose was inserted, thickness of which is 0,05 mm. Ukrainian Mykola Siadrysty isn’t left-hander, but shod a flea and made a huge number of unbelievable art creations. Works of this master approved a new conception in the world – “microminiature”, that earlier wasn’t neither in encyclopedias, nor in vocabularies.  Art of Mykola Siadrysty passed all continents, leaving unforgettable impression among viewers from different countries in the world. The most full his creations are presented in the Moscow polytechnic museum, in the constants exposition of microminiatures in Kyiv-Pechersk reserve and in Museum of microminiatures in the Principality of Andorra.

WONDER OF THE WORLD. The only underwater river in a world was found in the Black Sea.

British scientist found on the bottom of Black Sea the only underwater river in the world ocean. This discovery made a scientists from the university of English city Leeds, which spent scientific researches here. It was found, that river length is 37 sea miles, width – more than half of mile, and water stream speed is 4 miles per hour (about 7,5 km/hour). It was also noticed, that river transfers colossal amounts of water – 22 thousand cubic meters per second. If this river was on a land, it would take a sixth place in a world for this index. The water flow is formed by penetration of more salt water of Marmara Sea through the Bosphorus channel in the less salt environment of Black Sea. Thus, water in the river is different because of high concentration of the salt.