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Top-10 most amazing buildings of Western Ukraine

Even the most demanding traveler will appreciate treasury of interesting places, legendary fortresses and castles focused in Western Ukraine. Wherever you arrive each place possesses its own castle, palace, legend or a breathtaking story.

White Elephant: observatory on the top of the mountain

The largest wonder of the mountain of Pip Ivan is a highland observatory, ruins of which tower on the top. People call the observatory “White Elephant”. They say that in winter covered with snow and ice and blew with strong winds the outlines of observatory reminds figure of an elephant.

Dniester equipment list

You should remember about the following items preparing for the Dniester rafting tour:

1) every tour participant is offered to take a life vest, however, one should be aware that the Dniester river on those stages we recommend in our tours can be characterized as a gentle one (without any rapids); therefore, if you are a good swimmer life vest will only hinder your movements; but if you feel insecure on water life vest is obligative; our guides will take a life vest for you on demand;

2) it is not of high importance how much clothes and equipment (within reasonable limits) will you take on Dniester tour since all luggage is transported on inflatable catamarans or rafts;

3) shoes for rafting should satisfy the following requirements: slip-proof soles, reliable fastening (every time when inflatable catamaran or raft moors and unmoors you have to do several steps on a stone and slippery bottom);

4) since all personal as well as all common things are transported via inflatable catamarans or rafts they (things) must be waterproofed (extremely important to take care of appropriate waterproofing of sleeping bag, camera etc.) in case of rain or accidental falling into the river;

5) weather on the Dniester river is a determining factor but Dniester tour goes on rain or shine, therefore, you should be ready for raining weather as well as for the heat;

6) rafting or catamaraning on the Dniester river, a quiet lowland river, is available even for children (children down to the age of 5 are frequent participants of our Dniester tours). Children who cannot be full participants of rafting tour and paddle as adults do take place on a specially designed deck of an inflatable catamaran. It would be reasonable to take an umbrella that will protect children on the deck from rain and sun; children must wear a life vest being on catamaran;

7) or guides always has a common first aid kit on tours but if you take some specific medicine, please, do not forget to bring them on tour;

8) things most frequently forgotten at home: personal eating set (plate, mug, spoon; we provide a common cookware, you should take care of individual stuff)

Rafting clothes

  • shorts/light pants (will protect you from sunburns);
  • sleeveless shirt/T-shirt/light long sleeve shirt/pareo (will protect you from sunburns);
  • sport sandals with a reliable fastening (every time when inflatable catamaran or raft moors and unmoors you have to do several steps on a stone and slippery bottom);
  • bucket hat (in caps ears are not covered, therefore, can burn);
  • swimming suit;
  • wind jacket;
  • sun proof cream;
  • polyethylene raincoat (can be bought on spot; if you need it, please, inform us in advance).

Important! This clothing can wet thoroughly (after "water battles" or rain). It is recommended to wear the same things on water and have dry replacement for camp staying.

Camp clothing

  • comfortable sports wear;
  • anorak and warm sweater (if becomes colder);
  • warm clothing for sleeping;
  • trainers, socks;
  • underwear.

Personal equipment

  • sleeping bag and sleeping pad (in sleeping bag you will sleep comfortably at 0 - +50C); sleeping bags Sportland or analogues can be rented; each sleeping bag is fitted out with an hygiene insert; sleeping pad would be useful for overnight in tent, also can be rented
  • personal hygiene set
  • personal eating set: metal or plastic plate, spoon, mug; we do not recommend usage of disposable tableware
  • bag or rucksack (since all luggage is shipped rucksack is not of high importance)
  • large polyethylene sacks for waterproofing: all stuff should be firstly packed into a sack, tied and then put into a bag or rucksack;
  • flashlight (can be rented)
  • sitting pad (a small pad with a waist fastening providing possibility to sit simply on the ground)
  • camera, mobile phones (you can shoot on water but should be waterproofed and tied); 80% of the itinerary is covered by the mobile operator Kyivstar (other operators service is mostly of sporadic character).

Important! Please, inform about necessity to rent equipment in advance.